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Clean, elegant and very informative

Ive tried most of the crypto currency apps here and this is easily my favorite. The interface is intuitive, informative, clean and very useful. Best of all you can have the current BTC price displayed as a watch complication, so its front and center all the time. Best of all the developer is friendly, responsive and eager to respond to user requests. In my first review I asked for the ability to set a coin price as the app badge and he added it with the next update. I cant ask for better, especially for a free app! The only feature missing is the ability to send him some BTC to say thanks. (Hint, hint.) Really nicely done.

Looks nice but doesnt work

The UI is nicely done and if this worked it would be perfect. But background app refresh does not work. No matter what time interval is selected, price only updates when you have the app open. This is fine is you only want to see updates when you have the app open, but makes the watch app useless, and I bought this app so I could see auto-updates on my watch. Hopefully this will get fixed in an update.

Simple and Easy

Simple and easy, does exactly what its supposed to do!

Best cryptocurrency ticker

Does what it is supposed to do and looks great on watch & iPhone. Developer is constantly adding new features and currencies and is very responsive to questions!

I love this app

Great app

Best little BTC price reference app Ive ever used

Quick to open, and displays prices clearly without any unnecessary clutter. Its a perfect little app that does exactly what it needs to do.

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Very Nice

Use it on my Watch to see the current prices. Only on a Black/red modular watchface the triangles are not displayed.

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

My favorite Apple Watch complication!

Especially the big one on the Modular watch face looks really cool.

Needs refresh on Watch!

And alerts too. Otherwise this app should be free.

Simple and effective

Crypto Pro is an unassuming and uncomplicated Bitcoin ticker that doesnt annoy you with ads or in-app purchases, supports most iOS features such as 3D Touch (though excluding a Notification Center widget), and works exactly for the purpose of checking Bitcoin prices on the go. Similarly, the watch app is attractive and supports all of the watchOS features including Glances and Complications. Very few apps check these boxes. Im not sure what exchange(s) the prices come from, but the app itself works very well. Great job!

Great app with tons of features!

I had an issue but the developer responded ASAP and the app is working perfect! Great customer service! -Alex

Simple & Clean

The interface is just what I was looking for from a casual market observer. The only real problem I have is that the watch app isnt displaying information in English. My guess is it thinks it should be in a different locale. Would be nice if you could configure the default coin for the watch glance view.

Love the fact I dont need to go on my iPhone

The only things I would say that prevent me from a higher rating would be the fact that I want the ability to change or view timescales (like month, week, and day). Also would like the addition of Blackcoin along with the ability to remove certain crypto-currencies I dont use.

Added portfolio feature makes it worth the $

Added portfolio feature makes it worth the $6


I like it, but I want to be able to set alerts based on % price movements, not just based on hitting a specific price.

The best crypto app in iOS!

This is an amazing app.. I truly like it ♥️. You can track your favorite coins, portfolio setup some alerts.. awesome UX.

Great Updates

I never do reviews. I'm that person who says wow that was great I should give them a good review and then I forget. But the updates to this app are fantastic, thank you and great work.

bad interface

functional, bad design

Great App

Works very well

They broke it

Used to be good. But most recent upgrade took away ability to edit crypto list, and the list I had made is lost. Now you would have to search for the symbols you are interested in one by one. Worthless.

Looks great

But what happens to favorite section?

Great App, use just as much as Blockfolio

Great app, the only problem with the update is that now they limit the amount of favorites you can store in the app, previous version let you store unlimited amount of favorites and the new app caps you at 32 coins. Please fix this, this is the only annoying feature of the app other than that amazing

Great app

A very good crypto app. I really like it.

Update breaks apple watch

Apple watch not working


Great addition


What happened to price as the "unread count"?


The latest update is amazing. Clearly the best crypto info app available. Highly recommended.

The best app for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The best app to follow currencies and news.

Awesome update!

Please add more icon support (especially for NEO) ;)


Can't wait for iOS 11 support

Wow the update is incredible!

I originally got this app so I can check the price on my watch, it was kinda bare back then, but wow it changes so much in this update! I love all the new functionality of choosing the exchange to show me be price, and way more detail on the Apple Watch app. What's even cooler is that it can track your portfolio. I haven't tried that function yet tho. Oh I also love how I can choose which crypto icon to use now for the app icon on the iPhone! One thing that bugs me tho is I can't find where the option went to show the notification number on the iPhone app as the price for the crypto. Is it always on?

Latest update broke the app

Blanks all over the place. Could not find Eth and my local currency. Update: Problem solved by reinstalling, but app badge is now missing.

Great update!

I love it, especially after the last update. Cool widget, powerful list managment. Absolutely recommend!

Amazing update for a great app!

Finally can track your portfolio with this app! The customizability is great and there is so much info offered here. One question though. After the 5.0 update the price on icon notification no longer shows up. Has this been removed? It was extremely useful. Dev Suggestion: - Save filter/ordering settings (for example remember when the user sets their portfolio to show by Worth instead of defaulting to Market Cap every time - Add in icons for more coins. For instance BAT still doesn't have an icon. Also allow us to display Icon instead of name or symbol. - Fix the color issues. When you set a coin like Ethereum to use its color scheme, the color remains the BTC Orange for some elements like on the Alerts tab and the upper right of the Settings tab Other than that, great app and great updates!

Almost the one!

Needs app badge with current price on it, and force touch widget

By far exceeds expectations

This latest update it was added so much functionality and information options!!! The vast majority of the crypto world is at my fingertips through this app!!!

Great App

A ton of great features and my support question was answered thoroughly within 30 minutes. Thanks!

excellent update

becoming very much the only crypto app a person would need i had to fish around at first to find some of my favorite stuff from the last version ... was worried that sorting by favorite coin was removed but i found it.... a video about the changes would be awesome, not sure if the dev has one on youtube or something excited to try out the portfolio feature

Where is fav list?

I need it back

Awesome update, hands down the best tracker

This app is the perfect crypto price tracker. The newest update added much needed features such as exchange selection and the ability to add your portfolios to track the value changes.

Best App thus far!

Finally! This app has everything I've been waiting for! No complaints! It's great for Apple Watch owners as well! I get exact exchange prices, portfolio management of my coins and so many other features. One thing I hope is updated: Apple Watch interval refresh time should have the ability to refresh LIVE or every minute.

Compare graphics

Everything is perfect, but I would like to have the option to compare graphics between at least 2 coins. Hope you guys do it soon.

Unfiltered RSS feed

You're able to do everything you find on this app with a ten second google search. The news feed is unfiltered. Searching for news on unpopular coins returns search engine results based on the word NOT necessarily related to CryptoCurrency.

Great app

I really like this app. The ability to access news articles and prices focused on specific coins is really useful and helpful to people who are new to cryptocurrencies. Being able to set up the all coins screen to show just the coins you are interested in is also nice. I'd give it 5 stars but I've noticed that when focused on a single coin the price does not refresh so it's not perfect bit it is still well worth the price IMO. Thanks for a great app!

5 stars if we get what we need...

We need candlesticks and options to enlarge graphs

Updates are slow

I use another app for my wallet to invest and it is free and faster than this app.

Great app. worth the money, really

best cryptocurrency app i've found on App Store


Does what it is suppose to with constant updates for new coins worth the $5

Good, but not what I expected

I was expecting a portfolio that I could've been put coins into. Would like to get a refund if possible.

Almost 5 stars

Everything about it is great, EXCEPT it doesn't have any kind of alert system. It would be nice to be able to set alerts for your favorites.

I love this app

This has tracking of many crypto currencies, at a glance. No running to different exchanges with a browser on a PC, just to see how your coins are doing. Please provide an app for the iPad.

Refund please

Useless. You can't set alerts, manage your holdings, etc. Blockfolio is far more useful.


Love using it

5 Stars!


Badly designed, waste of money

Look and feel tries to rip off Bloomberg app, but the functionality falls far short. I can't create a portfolio. The price charts have no markings whatsoever on the y-axis, or horizontal grid lines, so you have to drag your finger over the chart to get a price on a particular day, which doesn't make the chart readable at all. At that point I gave up on this app and regretted my wasted $4.

Fast, smooth, perfect!

Thank you for delivering such a smooth and nice product! Waiting for more useful features!

Top Shelf

Great APP up to date. Able to keep informed!

Best Crypto App!

Found this app by browsing he App Store. 100% worth the buy. They have to most up to date prices and a great UI . One suggestion (not sure if possible) would be to add an ICO section with up and coming altcoins. 👍🏼👍🏼

Not worth $4

People giving all these rave reviews must have very low expectations, this app does not allow you to select a price by exchange, and does not have price alerting, so really it is a gimmick that doesn't take the place of any other apps. It's kind of cool to show off a complication with crypto prices but you have to touch them to update a lot of the time which sort of defeats the purpose

No price alerts. Waste of $5

For $5 it should have price alerts which is a pretty important feature for volatile currencies.

great but...

i bought it thinking I would have multiple badges on my home screen. Is there any way to do that?

Not the best

Points for UI, but missing coins and overpriced. Blockfolio is as good, maybe better.

Please add more coins!

Please add more coins! Like PIECOIN 📈🙌👌

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