Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker App Reviews

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Very Nice

Use it on my Watch to see the current prices. Only on a Black/red modular watchface the triangles are not displayed.

Needs refresh on Watch!

And alerts too. Otherwise this app should be free.

I love this app

Great app

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Best little BTC price reference app Ive ever used

Quick to open, and displays prices clearly without any unnecessary clutter. Its a perfect little app that does exactly what it needs to do.

Best cryptocurrency ticker

Does what it is supposed to do and looks great on watch & iPhone. Developer is constantly adding new features and currencies and is very responsive to questions!

Simple and Easy

Simple and easy, does exactly what its supposed to do!

Looks nice but doesnt work

The UI is nicely done and if this worked it would be perfect. But background app refresh does not work. No matter what time interval is selected, price only updates when you have the app open. This is fine is you only want to see updates when you have the app open, but makes the watch app useless, and I bought this app so I could see auto-updates on my watch. Hopefully this will get fixed in an update.

Clean, elegant and very informative

Ive tried most of the crypto currency apps here and this is easily my favorite. The interface is intuitive, informative, clean and very useful. Best of all you can have the current BTC price displayed as a watch complication, so its front and center all the time. Best of all the developer is friendly, responsive and eager to respond to user requests. In my first review I asked for the ability to set a coin price as the app badge and he added it with the next update. I cant ask for better, especially for a free app! The only feature missing is the ability to send him some BTC to say thanks. (Hint, hint.) Really nicely done.

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Love the fact I dont need to go on my iPhone

The only things I would say that prevent me from a higher rating would be the fact that I want the ability to change or view timescales (like month, week, and day). Also would like the addition of Blackcoin along with the ability to remove certain crypto-currencies I dont use.

Simple & Clean

The interface is just what I was looking for from a casual market observer. The only real problem I have is that the watch app isnt displaying information in English. My guess is it thinks it should be in a different locale. Would be nice if you could configure the default coin for the watch glance view.

Great app with tons of features!

I had an issue but the developer responded ASAP and the app is working perfect! Great customer service! -Alex

Simple and effective

Crypto Pro is an unassuming and uncomplicated Bitcoin ticker that doesnt annoy you with ads or in-app purchases, supports most iOS features such as 3D Touch (though excluding a Notification Center widget), and works exactly for the purpose of checking Bitcoin prices on the go. Similarly, the watch app is attractive and supports all of the watchOS features including Glances and Complications. Very few apps check these boxes. Im not sure what exchange(s) the prices come from, but the app itself works very well. Great job!

My favorite Apple Watch complication!

Especially the big one on the Modular watch face looks really cool.



Dev is responsive, bugs fixed

The developer has fixed some of the bugs. I guess I won’t be moving back to Blockfolio after all... unless... it breaks again. (:

Apple Watch series 4 complication

Only app I’ve found where the complication works on series 4 Apple Watch.

New version not great

I used this ap for a year and I thought it was easy, user friendly, and pretty accurate. The newest version recently pushed via update is not user friendly.

FREE & Amazing!

Has everything you need and you can set alerts in USD! Most apps I’ve tried let you set alerts as a percentage of Bitcoin, which I don’t like, fluctuating Bitcoin prices make your target variable I don’t understand why all don’t give the option of a fixed price in USD or other fiat currencies. Even if this app did not have that feature it’s still far and away the best out there, what are you waiting for get it now and start utilizing it’s easy to use tools!

Best Crypto Portfolio App!

I’m able to save the Cryptos that I am paying attention to. Great iOS integration

Great crypto management portfolio

Best portfolio hands down.

Best app for Crypto? I think so.

This app has served me well. It has gotten better and better as time has went on. The Apple Watch app is a great bonus. I always know the price of Bitcoin at a glance. Original Review (issue has been fixed!): Loved the the News feature, but it has been overrun with as Bitcoin News, which is a joke for those of us that want Bitcoin news and not the altcoin Bitcoin Cash. Notice I said those of us. If Bitcoin Cash is your hero, keep it in there. Just give me the option to remove it for me.


Need it to live. Only thing that would be nice is the ability to move trades to different portfolios. But that’s it. Get it now if your serious about crypto. Worth every penny.

Either not very user friendly or has a bug to fix

I used this app on my previous phone with ease. I was able to select the currency I purchased and it neatly showed every currency. I even created 2 other ones for my mother and sister because I’m helping them invest. This version won’t let me select the currency I had purchased, or maybe I’m forgetting some odd maneuver to doing it right, but that would make it not very user friendly. Blockfolio is doing a much better job at being more user friendly. This makes it more complicated than it should be.

Good app

Helpful for crypto news

I need help

I don’t know what happened. I had this app before erase my phone and it was working perfectly, but now I can’t even open it. This is the best app to follow the market cap, I need to fix it.

Fix a problem

I want use this app but I can’t open it in my iPod.. why?

Cant open the app

Won’t even open. Shuts down before it even opens. Can’t get to any of my stuff

used to be great

this app used to be the best. it was simple, clean, fast... over the past 6 months its really gone downhill, to the point where it will just randomly shutdown or freeze. get rid of all the crap and clean this app up. make it great again

refer friends for more features

paid for the app, lo and behold today in settings refer friends to get more features. even the app for tracking crypto wants in on the pyramid scheme action!

Widget not updating (intermittently)

Seems like after iOS 12, widget has sporadic issues updating. Once I launch the app, the widget will update.

The Best Crypto App!!!

There is no question that this is the best of the best! In addition, the developer is incredibly responsive. That is a rarity and greatly appreciated. Do yourself a favor and use this app for all your crypto needs!

Portfolio Gone

Today, my portfolio tracking and crypto entries have completely disappeared from the app. At this point I haven’t opened the app in probably 6 months. I simply use the home widget to check my portfolio, that’s it. Absolutely no reason for my entries to have disappeared. DO NOT BUY

BEST crypto-tracking app out there, PERIOD. (Minor bug)

So first off, let me just say I absolutely love this app. Everything is so convenient and user-friendly. They have every piece of information displayed that you’ll need. There’s really not anything I could think of changing currently. However I ran into a bug that is quite annoying. While switching which way the app sorts between currencies I accidentally clicked edit. That gave me the ability to delete currencies from the list and manually change the order. However, I’m not able to switch back to different sorting methods... Everytime I click edit it just toggles/untoggles the edit ability without giving me the drop down list of options. Would love to find a solution for this or if it’s a bug for it to be patched. Yet again, thank you so much for such an amazing app. Keep up the good work! -Raydn

1+ year of use now

Only one issue ever (with watch). And it was patched super quickly. Totally worth the $.. Thanks a bunch dev/s!

Really great app

Absolutely love this app. My favorite app for managing my portfolio. Everything’s just laid out nice and I love the widgets for quickly checking on my portfolio. Def worth the $5 as far as I’m concerned. Short wishlist: I’m wishing that the widget would allow more than 10 tokens (got a large phone). Also, would be great if I could export my portfolio for my accountant. Candlesticks would be a nice touch too.

Update/ mining income!

Such a good update. First time ever reviewing a app cause I really don’t have the time for it but this has by far been worth the $5 I paid for it. Much cleaner then every other app I used and has great features and helps keep in track of your profile. So much customization can go into the app, you could spend hours on it. Only thing I can even think about adding is a mining option to keep in track of miners incomes so I don’t have to go in and add it daily. You could even put the fee most transactions take as Watts you used to mine the coin and input the cost of your electricity so you can see how much profit you make a day and how much you have in coins. Thanks for the great app. Please add the ideas above 👌

Best crypto tracking app

I tried so many apps, nothing compares to this one. It’s a must if you take your crypto investment seriously.

Real time

I just downloaded the app. Seems to be a little off compared to other real time crypto sites.

Future traders

Good information to be at your fingertips

Maximum fud news stream = 1 star.

Good app with a terrible news feed... 24/7 fud. If you enjoy watching CNBC or Bloomberg fake news, you’ll love it.



Must have for Crypto Owners

I just got this app today and I am thrilled with what is already doing for me. I have all of my currencies, currently 14, in with purchase price and quantity as well as a note reminding me where they’re stored. Stunning for a free app. I have paid for apps that weren’t as useful. Highly recommended.

Awesome App!

This is by far the best crypto-tracking /info app I’ve ever used, and I’ve used most. It may even be one of the best ANY-apps I’ve ever used, so clean and crisp, it does (almost) everything I want a crypto portfolio app to do and looks great too. Luckily I got this free recently after they stopped charging, but it’s a great deal even at $5-8 or whatever it was going for, so don’t hesitate. I do wish they’d add a way to export your transactions as a CSV file or something, would make tax reporting even easier instead of having to track everything in another app or spreadsheet too just for that purpose. Add that and I’ll pay! or just send you a donation ;)


This app is incredible for keeping up with your portfolio and all bitcoin related news. I highly recommend it👍🏼

Not user friendly.

There is absolutely no way to add to your favorites list. I pushed every possible option but no joy.


g TGIFgyd


Bmeen using a year an is my GO TO Crypto App

Very nice

Not being the most organized person on the planet, this is a legit way to keep track of it all.

My Most Used App

I check the crypto prices and news in this app all day, every day.


Am confused

Great app, but....

Great app, but I wish there was an option to copy the rate of the crypto and to be able to past it into a calculator.

Horror or UI, it’s like a maze

UI is cryptic and unorganized. Nothing follows the UI standard guideline. Surprised people find it usable Pls don’t call yourself a full stack developer

Best App ever created.

I usually don’t buy lots of apps but decided to try this one. Seriously this app is worth every penny. Great interface, accurate and reliable. Highly recommend app especially the Apple Watch version. Great job guys

My opinion

Not better than most android apps

Best Crypto App on the App Store!

Before the review, I’d like to say adding a “watch” list would be helpful for coins that you might want to research further. If you are a Crypto lover and HODLer like myself, and/or even want to track your portfolio, you can with this app! It’s the highest quality Crypto app I’ve seen yet. I was worried that I payed too much for such a simple app, but the features and customizations are worth it! It might take a while to learn the interface, but once you do, you’ll be glad you bought this app! TO THE MOON!!!


Me a funcionado muy bien

Best crypto app out there

Now that it’s free and I’ve been able to try it, hands down the best one. I would buy it if it was paid, should have bit the bullet from the beginning

Crypto investor

Didn’t like it one bit. Accidentally made one change and could not figure out how to undo. Plus there’s no Market Cap price. After a week of fiddling with it, deleted it.


Awesome app.

Best app


It's awesome

Muy bueno. Makes me happy.


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