Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker App Reviews

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Very Nice

Use it on my Watch to see the current prices. Only on a Black/red modular watchface the triangles are not displayed.

Needs refresh on Watch!

And alerts too. Otherwise this app should be free.

I love this app

Great app

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Best little BTC price reference app Ive ever used

Quick to open, and displays prices clearly without any unnecessary clutter. Its a perfect little app that does exactly what it needs to do.

Best cryptocurrency ticker

Does what it is supposed to do and looks great on watch & iPhone. Developer is constantly adding new features and currencies and is very responsive to questions!

Simple and Easy

Simple and easy, does exactly what its supposed to do!

Looks nice but doesnt work

The UI is nicely done and if this worked it would be perfect. But background app refresh does not work. No matter what time interval is selected, price only updates when you have the app open. This is fine is you only want to see updates when you have the app open, but makes the watch app useless, and I bought this app so I could see auto-updates on my watch. Hopefully this will get fixed in an update.

Clean, elegant and very informative

Ive tried most of the crypto currency apps here and this is easily my favorite. The interface is intuitive, informative, clean and very useful. Best of all you can have the current BTC price displayed as a watch complication, so its front and center all the time. Best of all the developer is friendly, responsive and eager to respond to user requests. In my first review I asked for the ability to set a coin price as the app badge and he added it with the next update. I cant ask for better, especially for a free app! The only feature missing is the ability to send him some BTC to say thanks. (Hint, hint.) Really nicely done.

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Love the fact I dont need to go on my iPhone

The only things I would say that prevent me from a higher rating would be the fact that I want the ability to change or view timescales (like month, week, and day). Also would like the addition of Blackcoin along with the ability to remove certain crypto-currencies I dont use.

Simple & Clean

The interface is just what I was looking for from a casual market observer. The only real problem I have is that the watch app isnt displaying information in English. My guess is it thinks it should be in a different locale. Would be nice if you could configure the default coin for the watch glance view.

Great app with tons of features!

I had an issue but the developer responded ASAP and the app is working perfect! Great customer service! -Alex

Simple and effective

Crypto Pro is an unassuming and uncomplicated Bitcoin ticker that doesnt annoy you with ads or in-app purchases, supports most iOS features such as 3D Touch (though excluding a Notification Center widget), and works exactly for the purpose of checking Bitcoin prices on the go. Similarly, the watch app is attractive and supports all of the watchOS features including Glances and Complications. Very few apps check these boxes. Im not sure what exchange(s) the prices come from, but the app itself works very well. Great job!

My favorite Apple Watch complication!

Especially the big one on the Modular watch face looks really cool.

Best crypto app

I love this app. There are many different crypto related apps out there but none as good as this one. It’s easy to use, set up very well and looks clean. Plus it has all the info on every coin including news and charts. What more would you want.


Very good

need to add 1 function and 5 stars!

Guys, just add binance/bittrex/etc api methods to trade inside your application directly from exchanges, and you will be the best of the best)

Great application

But if you can in the future add wallet , you will be the best in everything

Good but have a feature request.

Wish there was a way to see the historical trend of my portfolio value instead of only the current value of it. Edit. Still waiting! : P

Best app

I tried several different apps to get alerts on price changes for various crypto currency‘s and this by far is the best. Easy to use, excellent list of crypto currency‘s and it even has a News section. The interface is also easy to navigate and to customize. Love this app


Love the update

Critical Tool

With crypto being so volatile, you need the information you use to make decisions to be concise, organized and precise... this app keeps you informed and is not cluttered!

Decent app

Decent app.

Love it

Love the news, quotes & calculator

So much better than other portfolios

Second place goes to Blockfolio, but this one has so many more awesome features and is better organized. Just wish they showed the coins logos like blockfolio does.

Best app for cryptocurrencies

Easy to use, great features and well organized. Highly recommend it!

Updated - Need a fix for “Deduct from (Currency) bug

This app seems to be the best on available for tracking my crypto portfolio, but it would be nice if I could track profit/loss in the portfolio view by exchange. For example, if I purchased TRX on Bittrex, I’d like to have the option to set the Bittrex rate as my value comparison standard for that currency, rather than the market average. The ability to then track value shifts amongst multiple exchanges would be great, as well. **Updated review - the Dev has responded with the steps to take to set your portfolio entires to a particular exchange, however my rating of 3 stars still applies as most coins I trade in only offer 1-2 options for market default, and only 1 of which I was able to set to the exchange I actually use for that coin. 5 stars for this app once the portfolio default options are sufficiently expanded. **Updated 1/17 - Giving the Dev 1 more star for some great feature updates. Add Binance as a source for more coins, and fix the “Deduct from (Currency)” bug that causes the value of the currency to be misreported, and this is a 5 star app. **Updated 2/10 - The dev has added Binance and many other options as coin value sources, resolving that outstanding request. Now we just need the “Deduct from (Currency)” issue resolved, and this will truly be a 5 star app.

The best

This app is fabulous,

Best Crypto Trade app..

Spent $30 on CryptoMaster which is my second favorite [over kill]., but the simplicity and elegant interface of Crypt Pro clearly wins..

Nice & Detailed

I love the look of this app and all of its functions, including the widget. However, it does take some time to get used to handling all of the details and remembering everything it can do.

Price per coin in Portfolio in USD

Really like the app... there needs to be a tutorial on all the hidden things though. For instance, in the portfolio when I entered that I say bought x amount of SUB and enter the price in ETH that I bought it in it only shows that price. It will show total in usd but won’t show price per coin in usd... hope that makes sense... essentially I would like it to show that I paid say 66 cents for something in usd and also what I paid for it in eth/ btc etc... Also on the portfolio screen the total gain/ loss math is off quite a bit... right now right now it shows portfolio value at 604xxx and cost at 720xxx with a total gain of -254xxx. Which by my math should be -116xxx. Maybe I’m missing something...

Best crypto exchange coin app I have used

This is the best app I’ve ever used on iOS

Not a good News replacement

There are so many news sources out there it pains me to have to keep BTCnews installed just to get variety when Crypto Pro could fit the bill. All this app ever seems to show are Coin Desk (which does not allow commenting and reeks of political bias) and Bitcoin News, which does allow comments but only leaves me with one other reasonable news source (read: vulnerable to narrative). Otherwise the app is fantastic but until they do something about the News shown I’m knocking down my stars.

Great but no history

I use this app daily for quick checking my estimated portfolio worth and the thing is it doesn’t show your previous history of 24 hour gains. It would be nice if you could see a graph of your history gains and losses. Thanks!

still needs a lot of work

First of all I’d like to say the I payed 5$ back in November 2017 for this app and now it’s free??? App is improving but still needs a lot of work. Portfolios could be done better, no way to add fees if using binance and BNB, I found discrepancies on coin’s BTC costs,as a consequence all the gains and percentages are messed up. As of today it’s not a good estimate of my portfolios. I really hope the developers are gonna fix it soon,it has potential.

This is a great app,

Covers all the basis. I highly recommend the developer listens to his community when there are issues. Thank you

Absolutely the best crypto app!

I hesitated to purchase this because of the price, but I’m sooooo glad I eventually pulled the trigger. This is undoubtably the best crypto app on the App Store. I’ve tried ALL the free ones and they can’t compete with this. It has solid customizable features, an Apple Watch app that actually works and nice user interface. If you’re frustrated by the free crypto apps, like I was, then buy this and get ready to be amazed.


Seriously 10 thumbs up on this one. You can tell the devs really put some time and effort into the UX. As of 2/4/18, this is my #1 choice for portfolio trackers. Looking forward to seeing an export to csv feature, and hoping tax sorting algorithms to compare FIFO, LIFO, SSI, DCA, Etc. appear soon.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


See title.

ხაალხოოოოოოოოოო 😄

პრაკტიკულია ძაან

Completely inaccurate

Downloaded this 11:50 on Feb 5, 2018. It reports Bitcoin as $2489.31 USD for one BTC? Ripple is $0.292294? Either there was a massive crash since I last looked at 5:30pm on television or this app isn't working. There are no graphs. None. Blanks. So, it's been deleted.


you need!

Great app!

Very nice user interface, quick feeds and updates.

Way too complicated

How do you even add coins to favorites or add your portfolio lol. Literally trash user interface.


Perfect app! Thanks;)

Easy to use


Must have

Really enjoy this app. Thanks.

add the old color scheme back ?

is it just me or did the color scheme on the dark theme change a little ? i know there is the option for the oled settings but it seems like the darkness of the black is lighter; and the oled optimization isn’t quite the same as it used to look. sorry to nitpick, just a bit offsetting after using it for so long

The widget stopped working

Since the last update the “Favorites” widget stopped working — just showing ”Unable to Load” Update: the issue was fixed

The alarms is are the best feature!

I love that I can put multiple alarms for one stock when it goes above or below a price point, digging it so far 5 stars!

Great app until latest update...

Widget no longer works after last update. iPhone X. Update! *fixed!*

Good app

Unable to load widget after the last update Now the widget works But when i try to open the app from the widget it does ‘t work Now the widget works But when trying to open the app from the widget doesn’t I have the last update Allvgood now 👍

Version 5.4.1

It seems that small bug fixes had caused big ones :) Today widget does not working, notification graphs are not visible etc. (By the way, I am using iPhone7 with ios 11.2.5) Edit: The developer fixed the above bugs with the update 5.4.2 and 5.4.3. Thanks. Now my rate is 5 stars :)

Excellent iOS integration and responsive dev team

Great crypto ticker and portfolio tracker. The app does an excellent job of fully utilizing iOS (Today Widget, Apple Watch support, OLED optimization, etc). Dev team is quick to address problems and push out updates.

Wow... amazing app!! And amazing dev team!!

Perfect!! This is probably the best app I have used on my iphone!! The best 5 bucks I ever spent!! 👍

Best crypto app for iOS.

Best crypto app for iOS.

So buggy. Portfolio Today widget stopped working in the last update.

Now, clicking on the portfolio tries to open the app but immediately fails right after.

Troubles with widget and apple watch app

Oh, sometimes updates can ruin everything... Widget and apple watch complication doesn’t work. ~~~ I love it, especially after the last update. Cool widget, powerful list managment. Absolutely recommend! Update: iOS 11.1.2 App widget got trouble with Full / Short appearance. In my case it displays Short option in most cases. But I have set up Full view :-( This thins disappointing me a bit

Great App! - Some Suggestions

I use this mainly for my portfolio manager to show profits. Fantastic app! One thing that could be added: API support for live feed of all your trades. (I see this is on the roadmap for future updates)

Great App! One suggestion?

Hoping Dev will add ETH as a “price” option when adding in trades. Most of my alt to alt trades were with ETH. Currently BTC is the only crypto option. Other than that, great app! Ty


Repeat option in Alerts does not work even after a paid app.thats not cool Developer response: Still working i guess.i provided the screenshots too.

Worth every single penny

I think this app is well made, and has tons of functionality in a simple sleek form factor. Definitely a worthwhile tool if you wanna keep track of your favorite coins on your phone.

Add coin logos

Please add coin images next to the coins like CoinStats has. Really difficult to follow coins down a list when all you see is words and green/red

Good app

This is a good app for tracking crypto. I like the alerts feature. It would be nice if they had a portfolio tab where you could see all investments in one place.

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