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Very Nice

Use it on my Watch to see the current prices. Only on a Black/red modular watchface the triangles are not displayed.

Needs refresh on Watch!

And alerts too. Otherwise this app should be free.

I love this app

Great app

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Best little BTC price reference app Ive ever used

Quick to open, and displays prices clearly without any unnecessary clutter. Its a perfect little app that does exactly what it needs to do.

Best cryptocurrency ticker

Does what it is supposed to do and looks great on watch & iPhone. Developer is constantly adding new features and currencies and is very responsive to questions!

Simple and Easy

Simple and easy, does exactly what its supposed to do!

Looks nice but doesnt work

The UI is nicely done and if this worked it would be perfect. But background app refresh does not work. No matter what time interval is selected, price only updates when you have the app open. This is fine is you only want to see updates when you have the app open, but makes the watch app useless, and I bought this app so I could see auto-updates on my watch. Hopefully this will get fixed in an update.

Clean, elegant and very informative

Ive tried most of the crypto currency apps here and this is easily my favorite. The interface is intuitive, informative, clean and very useful. Best of all you can have the current BTC price displayed as a watch complication, so its front and center all the time. Best of all the developer is friendly, responsive and eager to respond to user requests. In my first review I asked for the ability to set a coin price as the app badge and he added it with the next update. I cant ask for better, especially for a free app! The only feature missing is the ability to send him some BTC to say thanks. (Hint, hint.) Really nicely done.

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Love the fact I dont need to go on my iPhone

The only things I would say that prevent me from a higher rating would be the fact that I want the ability to change or view timescales (like month, week, and day). Also would like the addition of Blackcoin along with the ability to remove certain crypto-currencies I dont use.

Simple & Clean

The interface is just what I was looking for from a casual market observer. The only real problem I have is that the watch app isnt displaying information in English. My guess is it thinks it should be in a different locale. Would be nice if you could configure the default coin for the watch glance view.

Great app with tons of features!

I had an issue but the developer responded ASAP and the app is working perfect! Great customer service! -Alex

Simple and effective

Crypto Pro is an unassuming and uncomplicated Bitcoin ticker that doesnt annoy you with ads or in-app purchases, supports most iOS features such as 3D Touch (though excluding a Notification Center widget), and works exactly for the purpose of checking Bitcoin prices on the go. Similarly, the watch app is attractive and supports all of the watchOS features including Glances and Complications. Very few apps check these boxes. Im not sure what exchange(s) the prices come from, but the app itself works very well. Great job!

My favorite Apple Watch complication!

Especially the big one on the Modular watch face looks really cool.


So far so good lots of information to learn and try and use but good app so far

The Best App in the Crypto Space

For months I search for right app to manage my Cryptos and research and this app came true for me. I have recommended this app to everyone in my crypto fan base.. love your work Samuel Laska. You have the best app in the world. Thank You. CG Nze CEO- /

Best crypto portfolio app

Best than any other

Great App

I might sound like one of those comment boys or something. but honestly this app is really helpful and easy to understand for even a beginner in crypto currencies. the portfolio is great and I love that I can see it on my Apple Watch without having to open up my phone every time I want to check the price of a crypto currency. The best part about it, is that you can set an alarm for when a Coin gets to a certain price, this has been a game changer and it made me $100 more than I would have made without this app. Thank you Developer(s)and Creator(s)

Love the update, now I can

Select the exchange and display in my Apple Watch. Great work Please add okex and bitmex. Thank you


amazing app worth 1000 usd

Best app I ever had

I’m a “miner”, trader. This app really help to track my assets. Love It ! Keep up the good work !

Awesome App

This app is great! I got into crypto Mining this year. I also buy bitcoin when the price is profitable. My favor feature is the alert. You can set the app to alert you when your coin reaches a certain value. Bitcoin Enthusiast!

Easily the best

I have installed many many many crypto apps over the last 4 years and this is by far the best crypto tracking app available. Monitors your altfolio, full market view, add favorites and has widgets. The graphs for the coins are rad and easy to view. It updates the prices quickly. I have yet to find anything wrong with it. Great job Dev.


Great app

do not mess this app up

keep it simple and stop connecting it to other services dropbox really? you mess this app up it will go off my phone make your money in crypto not my traffic update told ya id remove this i paid for this app when it was good clean no popups or helpers now it is bloat popups garbage code

Must Have

With alerts, breaking news, and portfolio, this app is a must-have for anyone interested in Bitcoin, alt-coins, and Blockchain technology. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned trader, you’ll appreciate the features Crypto Pro. And with support for Apple Watch and iPad, you’ll have up to the access to the information you need on all your devices.

Best Coin app ever

FABULOUS!!!!!! Nothing but great, great, and greatest


Clean, simple, fast, and alerts are great. Definitely recommend having 🙏🏾👌🏾💪🏾

Best crypto tracker!

Amazing, and free

Excellent Software

Easy to use, plenty of features, and a great design that’s customizable. What more could you want?

what happen with bytecoin

everytime clip in bytecoin it will stuck the app. what the f happen?


How can i do it automatically see my los and gains!!!

By far the best crypto app

I have tried them all, this is by far the best and it has more features, combining 3 of my previous crypto apps into one. Great job Dev

Fantastic app with all the features you need

I say no more, this is the best app for everything crypto if you trade or have a few coins

Best Crypto app in the App Store

I tried a few apps, but this one is the best I’ve found. The watch applet perfectly parallels the Apple stocks applet (which is a pro for me). It also has an absurdly long list of Cyptos, which is practically useless (for the most part), but fun to look at regardless. Overall probably the best Cypto app I’ve seen.


I've been using it for a minute, and I already like it. 👊

Good overall app

App does everything is states it does, also provides a great section of articles that pertain to crypto.

Style and class!

Love this app, it looks great, you can hide your holdings with two taps to show someone current prices, awesome to keep track of my total growth from each purchase.

Great App

Very handy app! I don’t think I could do without it. The developer has done a great job making improvements along the way.


My favorite crypto portfolio so far.

Good so far

Still early since ive had the app an hour but it seems good so far. Very detailed and lots of customizing can be done. I do however not understand why it is so hard to find an app that displays total market cap of the whole market. I still have to go to the web for that and it would seem like a very simple addition, otherwise good app

Highest Functionality I've found

If feeling poetic I could probably praise this app for pages but to keep it short and sweet this app was worth the money instantly. It's a beautifully elegant interface and tracks every token I watch and so, so many more. I find the news tab full of useful info that keeps me up to date in the crypto world. I would like to see a user manual included as I feel like there are features I'm not fully accessing. None the less I highly recommend this app.

This app can do it all!!

This app really can do it all! Next I hope the developers will add an exchange on here. Tip to developers: Add API on the app. That will really make it the best app ever created. Thank you so much for making it free!

Alarm setting

I downloaded it mainly to give me alerts but it only worked twice and then never worked again

Great app

Great app but crashing every time I try to view Sia-USDT.

Very nice

Works perfectly and I found all my symbols

Great App


Great Crypto App!

This app is awesome and very useful for anything Crypto. Live updates, news, and prices. No to mention the design and layout are beautiful. Great work guys.

Overall cost

Appears great but when I put my cost in for each coin it som how balloons my overall cost 4 million! Is it just me or is there some sort of bug..... Update: I realized I entered it in wrong. My mistake!

Best Crypto app

Love this app. I use it everyday and I spend thousands of dollars buying crypto.

I bought it and I like it.

Cool app

Best crypto coin tracking app

I’ve tried a few def crypto tracking apps some are slow and poorly designed and lacking features but this app has is all it smooth live feed works great I love how fast and simple it was to set up a portfolio and track my investment earnings in depth.

Crypto Pro Bitcoin

Seems to be working very well and so far I enjoy useing this Bitcoin application!!!!!!

Nice app


Missing average price

If i have done multiple trades, somewhere it should show the average price after combining all trades.

Perfect app 👍🏼

One of the most amazing app I ever used 👍🏼

The best mobile app for crypto

I’m honestly impressed. The best app for crypto tracking and portfolio modelling I’ve ever seen so far. Definitely 5 stars

very nice

very good! It’s it! satisfied with alarm, portpolio, widget and chart!

Best is only getting better

This is the best at what it does, pair it with Binance for a killer combo. A wallet extension /exhange integration would be nice, keep everything in the same place.

Crypto Pro

Awesome app..

Great app

My one stop shop to quickly get updates and alerts in very clean interface. Never crashes, love it!

Crypto Alerts

This is best app that I’ve come across so far that allows u to create alerts on an endless list of coins, create multiple coin portfolios and view charts, all while presenting it in a clear and concise manner without it being too over simplified. The platform is very interactive and would like to say it’s very responsive in terms of providing price updates on all the coins that they currently offer. Overall I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who invest in crypto currencies 💯


Perfect app, but can you please add BRL in the portfolio, so we can input the amount we pay in BRL currency? Today it isnoy possible in USD, Euro, Australian Dolar and British Pound. Thanks

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