Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker App Reviews

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Very Nice

Use it on my Watch to see the current prices. Only on a Black/red modular watchface the triangles are not displayed.

Needs refresh on Watch!

And alerts too. Otherwise this app should be free.

I love this app

Great app

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Best little BTC price reference app Ive ever used

Quick to open, and displays prices clearly without any unnecessary clutter. Its a perfect little app that does exactly what it needs to do.

Best cryptocurrency ticker

Does what it is supposed to do and looks great on watch & iPhone. Developer is constantly adding new features and currencies and is very responsive to questions!

Simple and Easy

Simple and easy, does exactly what its supposed to do!

Looks nice but doesnt work

The UI is nicely done and if this worked it would be perfect. But background app refresh does not work. No matter what time interval is selected, price only updates when you have the app open. This is fine is you only want to see updates when you have the app open, but makes the watch app useless, and I bought this app so I could see auto-updates on my watch. Hopefully this will get fixed in an update.

Clean, elegant and very informative

Ive tried most of the crypto currency apps here and this is easily my favorite. The interface is intuitive, informative, clean and very useful. Best of all you can have the current BTC price displayed as a watch complication, so its front and center all the time. Best of all the developer is friendly, responsive and eager to respond to user requests. In my first review I asked for the ability to set a coin price as the app badge and he added it with the next update. I cant ask for better, especially for a free app! The only feature missing is the ability to send him some BTC to say thanks. (Hint, hint.) Really nicely done.

Innovative ticker!

The 3D Touch prices from homescreen is my favorite feature, saves time!

Love the fact I dont need to go on my iPhone

The only things I would say that prevent me from a higher rating would be the fact that I want the ability to change or view timescales (like month, week, and day). Also would like the addition of Blackcoin along with the ability to remove certain crypto-currencies I dont use.

Simple & Clean

The interface is just what I was looking for from a casual market observer. The only real problem I have is that the watch app isnt displaying information in English. My guess is it thinks it should be in a different locale. Would be nice if you could configure the default coin for the watch glance view.

Great app with tons of features!

I had an issue but the developer responded ASAP and the app is working perfect! Great customer service! -Alex

Simple and effective

Crypto Pro is an unassuming and uncomplicated Bitcoin ticker that doesnt annoy you with ads or in-app purchases, supports most iOS features such as 3D Touch (though excluding a Notification Center widget), and works exactly for the purpose of checking Bitcoin prices on the go. Similarly, the watch app is attractive and supports all of the watchOS features including Glances and Complications. Very few apps check these boxes. Im not sure what exchange(s) the prices come from, but the app itself works very well. Great job!

My favorite Apple Watch complication!

Especially the big one on the Modular watch face looks really cool.

Great Crypto App!

This app is awesome and very useful for anything Crypto. Live updates, news, and prices. No to mention the design and layout are beautiful. Great work guys.

Overall cost

Appears great but when I put my cost in for each coin it som how balloons my overall cost 4 million! Is it just me or is there some sort of bug..... Update: I realized I entered it in wrong. My mistake!

Best Crypto app

Love this app. I use it everyday and I spend thousands of dollars buying crypto.

I bought it and I like it.

Cool app

Best crypto coin tracking app

I’ve tried a few def crypto tracking apps some are slow and poorly designed and lacking features but this app has is all it smooth live feed works great I love how fast and simple it was to set up a portfolio and track my investment earnings in depth.

Nothing to see here

Hardly worth the time to give it a rating. Articles are discouragingly poor. Certainly does not add any value. Will post absolutely anything crypto related.

Crypto Pro Bitcoin

Seems to be working very well and so far I enjoy useing this Bitcoin application!!!!!!

Nice app


Missing average price

If i have done multiple trades, somewhere it should show the average price after combining all trades.

Perfect app 👍🏼

One of the most amazing app I ever used 👍🏼

The best mobile app for crypto

I’m honestly impressed. The best app for crypto tracking and portfolio modelling I’ve ever seen so far. Definitely 5 stars

very nice

very good! It’s it! satisfied with alarm, portpolio, widget and chart!

Best is only getting better

This is the best at what it does, pair it with Binance for a killer combo. A wallet extension /exhange integration would be nice, keep everything in the same place.

Crypto Pro

Awesome app..

Great app

My one stop shop to quickly get updates and alerts in very clean interface. Never crashes, love it!

Crypto Alerts

This is best app that I’ve come across so far that allows u to create alerts on an endless list of coins, create multiple coin portfolios and view charts, all while presenting it in a clear and concise manner without it being too over simplified. The platform is very interactive and would like to say it’s very responsive in terms of providing price updates on all the coins that they currently offer. Overall I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who invest in crypto currencies 💯


Perfect app, but can you please add BRL in the portfolio, so we can input the amount we pay in BRL currency? Today it isnoy possible in USD, Euro, Australian Dolar and British Pound. Thanks

5 звезд

Более удобного приложения не найти

Correct calculations?

So I didn’t start logging my transactions until January but post-dated them from My meticulous records, and unless I’m hallucinating, this app does not calculate profit correctly. For instance, one Transaction is me buying BTC for $6,791/BTC and then I exchanged it for Dash at a simple exchange rate when BTC was $6,598. The app says currently my Dash investment is up 47% in profit when the price hasn’t moved. I’ve long since suspected this is inaccurate but this is ridiculous. Not sure how the whole Point of blockchain is public authentication, yet there is not a single app that can just directly link to your wall to like, or any of the other countless traditional Sources?

Thank You

I have been experiencing your app and learning more about the features, it is a very robust app and the content is well displayed and thought out. Thank you for all the easy to read and pithy information. A very good app for all the latest info on your favorite cryptocurrency. Cheers!

Keep track of multiple cryptos!

Very user friendly and useful app!

Cool App

Exactly what I needed!

Sync Not Working

Once again, it is down. :(


This app has a virus that creates pop ups and malicious code on safari. Please fix.

So far so good

Does exactly what is should

Works really well with notifications I really appreciate this application

Excellent but sometime global numbers are off a bit

Very simple to use.

Only thing I don’t like is that the prices aren’t live. Usually off by a few cent but that’s not to much of a big deal.. Occasionally I feel like it loses connection with the server for maybe 30 minutes. This happens at least once a day. But overall great app!!! Love it’s simplicity to use and how much detail it provides to its users

Alerts work when they feels like

Buggy and alerts work when they feels like. Unreliable

Nice, but...

I love this app most of the time. I just don’t always understand the portfolio tracking.

Awesome app

A must app !!!!!


Amazing app! This one and blockfolio are my favorites.

do not mess this app up

keep it simple and stop connecting it to other services dropbox really? you mess this app up it will go off my phone make your money in crypto not my traffic

I use this app ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

Sure you can find another altcoin app in the App Store. You may even find one with more features or even prettier graphs that show you more colors like a peacock. At some point after you tried them all and you are not bled dry by some ludicrous price tag like a $99 app, you may start to filter your inventory. I began to filter my inventory to the most used in one app container, most useless in another container and most expensive in another container. Since it would be stupid to remove the most expensive apps since I already paid for them and they sit there while I wait for them to mature, I focused on the most useless. Most useless means borrowed tech, borrowed code, which comes from devs looking to make the $1 by copying the existing. I found so many alt coin apps to be a generic waste of space. After cutting and saving apps. I fell upon this app as my daily go-to standard. There may be something better. I have not found it, nor do I feel like spending money to find it. This app solves my problems and meets my needs. Lastly, I do not know the developers and have no involvement with them. I simply recognize good software and I feel like telling you this app is my choice. Am I recognized as some app review guru? Maybe I should be... J3L

The best

The best app for crypto markets

Love it.

Thank you for existing Samuel.

Inconsistent Refreshing of Data

I would go to the cryptos section for my favorites and refresh. When I check, it would seem the prices have updated. I then go to my portfolio and see that prices are different. I go back to my favorites in the crypto section and prices aren’t the same. I’m not talking small differences. I think it’s an async issue of not updating the data store before loading scenes. Need to fix! It’s really irritating.

One of the best

Fast and easy to use, I pull it up at work to check my investments.

Great App but the News need to improve

I bought this app in order to get persistent notifications working reliably but they are not working so persistently (this issue seems to be fixed) (Update on March 2018) Its been a few months of using this app and I really like it but the only aspect it seems to lack now is in the News Up until this moment, I been reading the news but it seems like there are always a bunch of news that are meant to be for a crypto “social” audience instead of pro/real time investors, which has a very low impact on the market. Since Crypto pro has its own set of APIs and market insider tools, I beleive you should be more pro-efficient in this subject as well and help your users with news data that could be effective For the average person, would be good to have through this app, a better set of news to keep us informed about the latest news that may be or have affected the market (coinbase issues, binance issues, market crash, etc) This would really help the comunity understand what happens during the time of good and bad, in the crypto world Thank you

Few deficiencies but overall good app

I needed this app, but there are few issues with it. For example I like to see average price I paid for a coin in my portfolio. Also I like to know where a coin is traded. Exchange availability info is sketchy and not accurate at all. Also it would be nice to see original ico price in every crypto chart. I am sure there is more but these are few things I can’t do without.

Great app to quickly check crypto performance

Easy to use, responds well, and can offer charts and performance data of crypto against fiats or bitcoin. Must have tool.

Awesome App

Makes helps manage crypto portfolios across multiple exchanges. Could use more integration/automation with exchanges, but a good start.

Few things could improve

First off I want to say this is a really great app to track crypto assets. However I find it difficult to add an entry trade but that is a selling trade. Every time I hit add trade it automatically assumes I want to buy rather than sell the asset. There’s no option to sell the asset and to track it afterwards. This app I think is good to track buys and that is all. Maybe I’m missing something & I’m not able to find a sell button. In short, there’s no way to track your cash outs in fiat.

Crypto currency

This the future of money. Everyone get in now and get rich!! Thank you so much for this app!so much information and very easy to use.

Basically Good but possible bug

Mostly happy with app. Easy to see at a glance how things are going but portfolio tracking not as simple as I would hope. Not intuitive. Took awhile to discover I could add other currencies to report trades between coins. Still didn’t work smoothly and I gave up on that. Today I hit a new problem. Traded to all fiat on a coin and it won’t let me deduct the full amount. I had to use one less decimal than the real amount. I have tracked this on a spreadsheet as well and have gone over the numbers multiple times. Everything is the same amounts for buys but the sale says I don’t have enough to report the full sale. Something is off but not sure what.

Best app for CCurrency

Best app for ccurrency

Best crypto currency app

It has it all and is layed out well. It works great on my watch too. ❤️ Thanks for making a multifunction crypto app! I tried them all and this was the best!

Nice looking graphics

Nice looking graphics. It would be better to get hire detailed chart studies and trading links.

Bitcoin Pro

I like the program and the information that it gives. If I had one criticism it would be. That it doesn’t provide you with an area to enter the price at which the bitcoin was purchased. Enter purchase price, compare to current price. Have it give you the profit/loss and it’s percentage. This would be a great feature that would set Bitcoin Pro far ahead of the others out there.

I love it

Very simple to use , app has a lot of information needed to trade .

Best app out there

Free apps never work but this one does Very comprehensive and easy to set up and use

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